A unique range of features for this price segment

A simple and efficient ERP and PPS solution must be affordable for any organisation. But you also need a system that adapts to your requirements – and not the other way around. That’s why we developed TimeLine Neo.

The best end-to-end ERP and PPS solution:

One price for all features

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Simple goods and warehouse organisation

Keep a clear eye on all stock movements, from procurement and reservations to production and delivery – in all warehouses. The system can also manage products stored under serial numbers, raw materials and consumables with batch numbers, as well as finished products and merchandise. You receive support in the form of automated order and production prompts, which take into account previously triggered order, job and production volumes.

  • Multi-warehouse management
  • Shipping interfaces, packaging materials and labels
  • Batch and serial numbers
  • Minimum stocks and lot sizes
  • Goods and drawing numbers
  • Portfolios and n-level product structures

Optimise your business relationships

TimeLine Neo ensures that you never lose track of your leads and opportunities. Naturally, this applies also to portfolio customers, suppliers and their documents. Delivery and billing overviews help you to keep your scheduling under control. At the same time, the integrated CRM system lets you manage follow-ups, activities, appointments, to-dos and documents for your leads, opportunities, customers and suppliers.

  • Multi-client capability
  • Currency management with real-time exchange rates
  • Multiple languages
  • Freely definable number ranges
  • Printouts, emails and faxes
  • Codes for promotions and mailings

Always secure the best prices

Email price enquiries to identify the most suitable provider and compare terms in your supplier pool. Orders and downstream documents can be generated in no time and then printed out or sent by email without leaving the system.

  • Price enquiries
  • Orders and contracts
  • Goods receipts and call-up orders
  • Incoming delivery notes (even without charging)
  • Incoming invoices and direct billing documents
  • Debit notes and supplier reminders

Use quotation tracking to improve your chances

All relevant features are also available for sales as well. From quotation to invoicing, the flexible features let you skip directly and effortlessly to convert current documents into versions you require later on. The graphic document tracking feature means you will never lose track of related business processes, even when dealing with partial deliveries or batch invoices.

  • Quotations
  • Jobs and contracts
  • Delivery notes (even without charging)
  • Call-ups
  • Invoices (down payments and instalments)
  • Pro-forma invoices and direct billing documents
  • Credit notes and reminders

Use complaints to improve your quality

When customers complain, it is always necessary to record directly what prompted their dissatisfaction. Besides linking the customer and the delivery note to the complaint, you can also update all relevant data according to the 8D method. When applied correctly, the 8D troubleshooting method is a powerful tool to resolve problems systematically and sustainably. It can be used for internal issues and customer complaints in all areas of a company.

  • Internal and customer complaints
  • Quantity complaint with stock entry
  • Printable 8D report
  • Document management

Leave no room for delays

The preliminary calculation allows you to cost your products to the precise cent – also with scaled pricing – before offering them to leads or customers. You will then see helpful order and production prompts (MRP) that provide an overview of all the production jobs you should start soon in order to adhere to the agreed delivery schedule. This gives you a clear overview of all goods you need to manufacture. Define any n-level depth for bills of material to manage your products and create all necessary subcontracting jobs and purchase orders with just one click. Use terminals to report materials and times directly to the manufacturing department and keep a close eye on your complete production. The automatically updated recalculation feature lets you verify at any time whether your actual costs are still below the budgeted costs. This shows you at a glance whether your sales prices are still realistic or will require readjustment.

  • Order and production prompts (MRP)
  • Automatic supplier prompts and reminders
  • Job-based and lot-optimised production
  • n-level work/production orders
  • Project and joint production
  • Time and material feedback

Ensure ideal planning of your machines and shifts

Detailed planning is one of the daily challenges in every production company. Matching the benefits of simple set-up, the planning algorithm delivers a pragmatic solution to coordinate production dates. All production jobs are automatically scheduled by the planning system based on finite capacity. To do this, you define your machine (or resources), set up the shift plans and give every production job a target date to determine its priority – and out algorithm takes care of the rest. Based on your priority, the algorithm plans, sorts and arranges all production orders backwards, forwards or just-in-time (JIT), in line with the target date.

  • Forwards, backwards and mid-point scheduling
  • Planning based on infinite and finite capacities
  • Shift plans and public holiday schedules
  • Definition of workflows

Calculate your prices to the precise cent

Wage costs, production costs, prime costs, manufacturing costs, overheads or surcharges – calculate your products down to the last detail before submitting a quotation. Our solution helps you to determine the optimal sales price based on various cost types, surcharges and including your bills of materials and work plans – also as a scaled calculation. In the project itself, you then combine all purchasing and sales documents to obtain a neat overview of all milestones with a single click.

  • Milestones and project phases
  • Collection of documents and processes
  • Project-based documents and notes
  • Cost centres and units
  • Gantt chart

Integrate everything you need

Document management: Photos, drawings, Office documents of all kinds can be assigned directly to the job, the order, the customer or product, the work order or any other object. All documents are indexed and can, therefore, be retrieved at any time using a full-text search. The laborious process of Explorer searches can finally be confined to the past. Email system: Emails are retrieved automatically from the email server, indexed and linked to your customers and suppliers – putting an end to tedious searches for emails in manually managed and unwieldy folder structures. You can send emails directly from the system simply by double-clicking on your contact’s email address. Calendar: Manage your calendar in TimeLine Neo, link appointments to customers and employees and establish a separate appointment and activity history for each customer. The CalDAV Service automatically synchronises the calendar with Outlook, your smartphone or tablet.

Deploy your staff efficiently

Use a neat calendar to plan the duty rosters for your staff. The personnel time & attendance feature will keep you up to date with overtime, absences or holidays. You can even generate entire shifts (e.g. early, late or night shifts) for your staff. Your employees can clock their comings and goings from work or business errands using the Time & Attendance (T&A) feature.

  • Personnel deployment planning
  • Personnel time & attendance
  • Flexitime balances
  • Presence overviews
  • Daily and monthly overviews

Keep an eye on all payments

The invoice ledgers give you a quick and straightforward overview of customer or supplier payments. This is also true of automatic dunning suggestions and received payments. TimeLine Neo seamlessly maps the management of outstanding debtor and creditor items, including dunning and SEPA payment transactions. After invoicing, the DATEV interface can also export your invoice data into an existing accounting software system or send it to your tax adviser.

  • Ledger of inbound and outbound invoices
  • Payment, bank and cash ledgers
  • Outstanding items and dunning suggestions
  • Payment transactions and chargebacks
  • DATEV and Lexware interface

Make the right adjustments

Incoming orders, orders on hand, sales and gross profit can be analysed any time and anywhere. You can also display detailed performance indicators with a single click. The integrated Report Generator is used to create document forms and reports, while the Module Generator is a simple tool to produce interactive, graphic scorecards and information modules. To do this, you prepare the data in the graphic Query Designer, which also sends the data to the integrated Pivot Tool. Using this data, you can then create your own reports, in addition to proprietary modules, analyses and pivots.

  • Sales, orders on hand and incoming orders
  • Pivot tables and balanced scorecards
  • Valuation of stocks and quantities in circulation
  • Overview of deliveries and billing documents

We boost your performance

You have all processes neatly arranged in one system and can link all processes transparently and effectively.

We give you comprehensive advice

You will benefit from the assistance of a personal consultant. Your consultant will answer all your questions about the software, IT or company processes.

We adapt to your needs

All companies are unique, which is why we adapt our approach and our software to your situation, creating an individual workflow that is tailored precisely to your requirements.

Expandable – even as a special industry solution

Companies grow, of course – often very vigorously, especially in the initial years. That’s why you can combine all of our products or simply switch individual ones at any time. We use the same business logics and database structures for all of our systems. This enables you to switch at any time, without incurring significant costs.