TimeLine ERP – Version 15

With version 15, we have mastered the biggest functional leap of all previous versions of the new platform generation. With globally unique features and the general functional diversity that we combine in TimeLine ERP, our ERP solution represents a new benchmark in the market.

Multiple times awarded

TimeLine ERP has already been named "ERP System of the Year" eight times.

Functional bandwidth

TimeLine ERP combines numerous disciplines in one system for a holistic solution approach.

Integrated Dev Platform

TimeLine Developer enables unprecedented flexibility and speed in customizations.

The TimeLine ERP promise

timeline-erp-system as screenshots

Tailored to your needs

With TimeLine ERP, customizing becomes your decisive competitive advantage! The unique combination of ERP platform and integrated development system creates the possibility to close functional gaps with minimal effort. The build in migration tool secures the release capability for future versions.

Personal support

Fixed contact persons and consultants who accompany you for years and a service hotline consisting of experienced project managers ensure optimal personal support.

Modular and Flexible

The modular structure of TimeLine ERP gives you the freedom to add features at any time as your requirements grow.


Customizations to the ERP system can be handled much faster than with comparable systems thanks to our own development platform and the integrated migration tools. In addition, adjustments are always made while maintaining release capability.


Whether you are working from home, in the office or on site at client/supplier premises: The three-tier architecture with the TimeLine server as an intelligent middleware ensures that you can work securely and encrypted on your TimeLine database from anywhere – without the need for additional tools such as a VPN tunnel or a terminal server. In addition, the TimeLine server manages your external access, Multi-Tenants, as well as your licenses and server-side services. You remain flexible and location-independent in the long term.

In the Cloud or On-Premise

For us, data sovereignty starts with the question of location. You can host TimeLine ERP either on-premise or in the cloud. You determine your IT infrastructure.

How to discover TimeLine ERP

Online presentation

The fastest way to get to know TimeLine ERP. An expert will guide you through the software's functions in just under an hour and discuss your individual requirements and questions with you.

Test version

Discover the benefits of an all in one ERP system in your personal test environment. Test the entire range of functions for 90 days - if desired also with your data.

Product brochures

Browse through our brochures and advertising material about our ERP solutions. Would you like more information material? Then please contact our sales team.

The best tools for your individual processes

In the development of our ERP program it was important to us that the software on the one hand fits to your company and on the other hand remains versatile. Therefore, we have built our ERP system in such a way that every company has the possibility to individualize this system through modules and to adapt it to their own needs. In this way, we have created a versatile ERP solution that is always tailored to your requirements.

Enterprise Resource Planning

TimeLine offers a fully integrated enterprise resource planning system that is tailored to manufacturing companies and covers all requirements.

Production Planning

The PPS system is designed to meet the needs of manufacturing companies and integrates functions that are not a matter of course in an ERP system.

Data Capturing

Labor time recording (LTR), production data capturing (PDC), machine data capturing (MDC) and quality data capturing (QDC) are combined in an integrated overall system.

Quality Management

TimeLine is one of the few ERP systems that integrates all relevant quality management tools in the ERP system.

Document Management,
Email and Calendar

The Document and Workflow Foundation combines all office tasks in the ERP system. The data is where you need it.

Customer Relationship Management and Business Intelligence

TimeLine offers you a comprehensive integrated CRM and evaluation system.