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The best technology for the best performance

Our multiple award-winning ERP solutions are among the most innovative systems on the German market. They are particularly strong due to their specialisation on industry requirements, their focus on niche markets, their unbeatable value for money and the innovative customising platform TimeLine Developer.

TimeLine helped us improve our response times by 30%.

Triorail supplies GSM-R modules, modems and test equipment for the rail transport sector.

With TimeLine we cover every business area in a single piece of software.

novuplast is your innovative expert in all matters relating to plastic injection molding.

ERP systems for any requirement

We offer TimeLine in a variety of packages to make choosing your ideal ERP solution a little easier. The packages are designed for different sectors and contain the programs and functions that address their particular needs. For instance, you can obtain a software package for plastics processing companies or businesses involved in electroplating and surface technology. We also have a special ERP solution for the casting industry, mechanical engineering and for series manufacturers. An additional program package has also been launched to accommodate the particular needs of small to medium-sized enterprises.

TimeLine Enterprise

The modular ERP system for companies with complex processes.
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TimeLine Neo

The compact all-round solution for professional entry into the ERP and PPS world. Learn more →

Industry solutions

The tailored ERP and PPC solutions for your specific requirements.
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The best tools for your specific processes

One of our principal concerns in developing our ERP programs was to create software that matches your company while still remaining versatile. That’s why we built our ERP system according to a modular structure that allows each company to customise the system and adjust it to their specific needs. The outcome is an ERP solution that covers a wide range of applications and still accommodates your very particular requirements. Our ERP system gives you the information you need, all the time.

Merchandise Management

TimeLine delivers fully integrated merchandise management that is tailored to manufacturing companies and meets all their needs.

Production planning and control

The PPC system is designed for the needs of manufacturing companies and comes with all the functions expected of an end-to-end ERP system.


Since version 14, TimeLine has also included a certified accounting system that enables export to Lexware and DATEV.

Customer relationship management

TimeLine includes a comprehensive CRM system that gives you a clear overview of your business partners and all the necessary documents.

Business intelligence

The balanced scorecard keeps you up to date with all the relevant performance indicators. You can even decide how much or how little you want to see.

Data collection

Time and attendance, operating data, machine data and quality data collection in a single, end-to-end system, without interfaces!

Quality management

TimeLine is one of the few ERP systems to include all relevant quality management topics.

Documents, emails and calendar

The Document and Workflow Foundation brings together all Office tasks within the ERP system. The data is kept where it is actually needed!


Despite its incredible vertical integration to accommodate a remarkable number of processes, TimeLine still offers a variety of connections and interfaces to third-party systems.

TimeLine guides you into the digital age

The future of enterprise is digital. Business processes and even entire models are increasingly being implemented at a digital level. Companies in all industries benefit from improved networking and greater profitability. Digitalisation is a simple way of making processes more efficient. But companies will need a versatile and reliable program solution that accompanies them along this journey. TimeLine provides precisely this kind of software system.


The world’s most innovative ERP framework?

Our proprietary development platform TimeLine Developer makes us independent of third-party systems and enables a hitherto inconceivable degree of flexibility and speed for the modification of an ERP system, without extended downtime.
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Partner to industrial SMEs for 25 years


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“TimeLine helped our company manage several quantum leaps due to rapid growth in recent years, without any hiccups.”

“We have grown by 50 percent since the roll-out of TimeLine. Our excellent staff qualification has been translated directly into improved productivity thanks to TimeLine.”

“We have increased our revenue by 80 percent in recent years. Besides organisational changes and optimisations, we attribute much of this success to our enterprise software TimeLine.”

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