TimeLine Enterprise

Just one system
to control all areas of your organisation

Over 25 years of experience and custom development have ensured that TimeLine Enterprise is probably the most innovative and integrated ERP solution for all business processes – ERP, PPC, QM, CRM, DMS, MES, accounting and many more functions are wrapped up in a single system.

Production, retail, medium-sized and large companies

Our multiple award-winning ERP Software was specifically developed for the needs of manufacturing companies and covers the areas of purchasing, sales, warehouse and materials management, calculation, production and capacity planning, quality assurance, maintenance, time & attendance, accounting, costing, asset accounting and many others in one end-to-end system.

We have increased our revenue by 80 per cent in recent years. Besides organisational changes and optimisations, we attribute much of this success to our enterprise software TimeLine.

Stefan Bathon – Bathon GmbH

Developed in collaboration with manufacturing companies

TimeLine Enterprise is a bespoke ERP system that addresses the needs of industrial companies. While many ERP systems evolved in the areas of retail or accounting, TimeLine Enterprise was designed from the beginning specifically for production requirements.

The system adapts to your needs

Focusing on small to medium-sized industrial enterprises, the system attaches great importance to ensuring flexible modifications for the modelling of individual business processes. Every company is unique, so adaptations to accommodate historical workflows are unavoidable in virtually every case. After all, it is not possible to change familiar and successful processes, just because the company is introducing new software.

Rapid modifications without downtime

The Developer Platform and our proprietary Framework allow us to implement numerous program modifications in under eight hours, while still preserving release compatibility – sometimes right on site and with immediate availability. Learn more about the Developer Platform >

Industry solution developed at the grassroots level

We are more than just software developers. We know the industries like the back of our hands. That’s why we recruit lateral entrants with an industrial track record. Our close, trusting and often long-standing collaboration has helped to shape our knowledge of various industries as well. Employees have been regular visitors at our customers’ businesses for years, becoming familiar with every detail of common industry processes. This grassroots experience has led to the development of highly specialised sector applications that often draw crowds at trade fairs.

Discover all the features of TimeLine ERP

Modular structure – functional depth – integration of all areas without interfaces

Besides the standard ERP functions from purchasing, sales, materials management and production, TimeLine also accommodates the areas of business administration: financial accounting, costing, asset accounting, payroll and time & attendance.