TimeLine Business Solutions Group

In 1962 the Gebauer family laid the foundation for today’s TimeLine Business Solutions Group in Solingen. Even then, there was a desire to provide companies with the best possible supplies using office equipment in order to make work easier and more efficient. In 1992, 30 years later, the step to become a provider of software solutions followed. The endeavor to offer innovative and customizable ERP solutions with a price-performance ratio tailored to industrial medium-sized companies still forms the basis of the TimeLine group and the product portfolio.

Today the TimeLine Business Solutions Group comprises eleven companies and several partners with locations in Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Luxembourg and India. Around 160 employees support over 1,000 customers with more than 22,000 installations, delivering innovative software and IT solutions with a close and personal touch that help companies to progress. Our overarching mission is still to save time for the necessary things and to create space for essential actions that bring people and companies forwards. The TimeLine® product portfolio includes software solutions that benefit small to medium-sized industrial and trading enterprises in all areas of their value chains.