Being in good hands

Over 30 years experience in ERP software are the basics of our support. If you need help on-site or if you need a more complex customization we offer you an elected team of experienced ERP consultants – not only in germany. Too complex or expensive? Try our remote maintenance support.


What is a great ERP system good for if there are technical problems and the hotline cannot help you and you are only connected to various departments? We will help you directly – in over 80 % of the cases directly on the phone – without detours! Our hotline hours are from monday till friday between 8 am and 5 pm. There is nearly no holding time. Our hotline employees are longtime erp project managers who know their business. We can guarantee highly accurate answer also on difficult questions and you do not need to wait for your TimeLine project manager.

Please give us a call! +49 (0) 212 230 35-12

Remote maintenance

A picture is worth a thousand words! You do not have to explain difficult situations – our hotline can visualize your problem via internet. For all our customers having a service contract the remote maintenance is free. You do not need to install software or change the settings of your servers or your firewall.

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Projekt managers

We will provide you with a project manager taking care of you and your software for years. We train our employees by ourselves, take care of our working atmosphere and try to keep our employees for many years. This leads up to a slower growth but helps to build a longtime partnership and avoids crew changes. Our project managers know your business, already lead numerous projects and know your problems due to their long lasting experience.

We do not seperate our team into supporters, software engineers, analytics or trainers. We do not know problems in communication and coordination because your project manager will serve you in all your belongings. No matter wether you need trainings, customized documents or customization in general: Your project manager is your contact person. Nothing is worse than explaining your problems over and over again.


Feel free to visit us on one of our training days at a place close to you. Our experienced erp consultants will show you new functionality and basics. The best tricks and how-to’s to make your daily work more effecient. The current training schedules will be announce on our news page.